BUSH 2020

04 – NOVEMBER – 2020

BUSH live

One day, One venue – A38 (Budapest)
Gigs & Talks & Drinks & Chill

We’re happy to announce a one-day live event at Budapest’s iconic venue, A38 where great upcoming and professional Hungarian artists will showcase their talent for their fans, local industry pros and all music lovers in case the future restrictions and public mood won’t make that impossible.

BUSH online

No gigs, but super fun (more info soon…)

A unique video campaign for about 30 regional acts where you’ll see/hear everything you need but don’t expect streaming gigs at all.

We are a music showcase event and conference focusing on the Eastern European region. Gathering, learning, playing.

Stay tuned for tickets and details.

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*We reserve the right to make changes in the concept and in any of the programs.