Best practices for festival dummies – the unseeable challenges of a festival organiser

How can you stand out amongst all the other festivals? What makes a music festival unique, and exciting? Beyond the rock and roll, what else can a music event have to offer? The organizers of the biggest festivals in the region share their tried and tested methods. It turns out that besides money, persuading headliners to join, and creating the perfect program structure, it will also be about things that seem less alluring but more important, like ticketing and identification, RFID and check-in. And of course, the major concern everyone has these days: how can we reduce the eco-footprint of festivals? Titus Carole (Electric Castle), Silvio Huber (Arcadia / FKP Skorpio), Michal Sladek (Pohoda), Maja Starcevic (EXIT) Moderator: Natália Oszkó-Jakab

The Western basics of teaching contemporary music: models and challenges in the fields of education w/ Mannheim Popakademie & Amsterdam Conservatorium

Is it just a dream, or can pop music education really fit into higher education? Some have already succeeded. Representatives from the Manheim Popakademie and the Amsterdam Conservatorium talk about how they persuaded city leaders to make pop music education and training a top-tier educational investment in the country. Their results now speak for themselves – from Armin van Buuren through Kensington to My Baby. Motivational examples for the next generation of pop musicians to train themselves in an educational setting. Jack Pisters (Amsterdam Conservatorium) David-Emil Wickström (Popakademie) Moderator: Balázs Weyer (Hangvető / MOST) 

Listening session with Philippe Weiss (UK), producer of Kendrick Lamar, Madonna & RHCP

Philippe Weiss, the producer behind Kendrick Lamar, Madonna and RHCP arrives in Hungary for the first time. He will be offering a session, listening to and evaluating Hungarian music. The application is open to any artist who purchases a BUSH ticket. Pre-registration opens in mid-October.

Listening session with Seppl Kretz (NL) of Sizzer

Hungarian music in a worldwide campaign! Seppl Kretz represents Sizzer, one of the most mobile music agencies in the Western market. Most recently, their Diesel campaign has been massive. He’s coming to BUSH to add more artists to his portfolio in a listening session. The application is open to any artist who purchases a BUSH ticket. Pre-registration opens in mid-October.

Those routes and these tourlegs: fighting the Central-Eastern-European stereotype

Although the concert market seems to be booming over the last year and a half, it still seems like the most wanted tour routes of really hot names are bypassing Hungary and the region. Promoters and agents talk about where the stereotypes begin and end with regards to the region. Is there still East European skepticism in the London offices or has the phenomenon faded? How can the region evolve to attract big entertainers in the future? Simon O’Neill, the agent who represents Jamiroquai or Chelou, who has a record of defeating Spotify and YouTube stats will be alongside Roxanne Dumoulin who has been at ATC with Mac DeMarco, black midi and many other remarkable artists to see if the Romanticism of Orientalism works here. Radek Chudzio (Fource) Simon O’Neill (13 Artists) Roxane Dumoulin (ATC Live), moderator: Máté Horváth (DDW)

Bowing an arrow: the possible ways of a song from the artist to the fans w/ CDBaby, SoundCloud, &

If you got the melody, exciting, lyrics and the perfect orchestration, what else does it take to make a hit? Well, audience. The roundtable follows the route of a song, from that moment when the band feels it finished. It introduces the actual usage of a radio plug, reveals whether radio play is important in 2019, the impact a distributor can reach, the methods that a growing music platform can use, and the power of the voice of music press these days. Edo Plovanic ( Jeroen Siebens ( Henriette Heimdal (CDBaby) Michael Pelczynski (Soundcloud) Moderátor Vera Jónás (Vera Jónás Experiment)

Let’s talk about mental health: a workshop about symptoms and cures w/ Sally-Anne Gross

Can music make you sick? Sally Anne Gross, professor at the University of Westminster in London, is studying the impact on the musician’s professional psyche. His study of “Can Music Make You Sick” explores why depression and anxiety are common among musicians throughout history, from Schumann to Kurt Cobane to today’s pop stars. How to define prevention and symptom management in the creative industry, especially among musicians, and what to do when they notice signs of depression. Seating for this workshop is very limited. Pre-registration opens in mid-October.

Kreatív Európa pályázatok és a Music Moves Europe lehetőségei (workshop in Hungarian)

Érdemes-e pályázni EU-s forrásokra, és ha igen hogyan? A Kreatív Európa kifejezetten a magyar piacra irányuló felkészítése,  leendő pályázóknak és akik eddig féltek belevágni. Pályázatírási trükkök, elbírálási szempontok és sikersztorik a kalapban.  Horvát Dániel (A38) Lelkes András (Hangvető / MOST), Szokolai Zsolt (Music Moves Europe) Moderátor Mondik Gábor (Kreatív Európa)

Short and long terms plans on the way to world fame: the story behind AURORA and Sigrid by Geir Luedy (NO)

Musician Geir Luedy, manager of the Norwegian MADE agency, talks for the first time at BUSH about the story of two Scandinavian music success stories AURORA and Sigrid. From the very beginning, until the present. How to get two young Norwegian girls to sing at Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, to play at Glastonbury, or to share stage with The Chemical Brothers.

Our venues, your audience – funding schemes & networking over Europe for venues

Where is the money? Creative methods and exploration of resources from the regional info-highway. How do they do it next door? Funding methods for international clubs, from community funding to loyalty programs. Elise Phamgia (Ancienne Belgique / Liveurope), Katia Giampaolo (Estragon / Europavox) Isabelle von Walterskirchen (LiveDMA) Moderator: Gábor Mondik (Kreatív Európa)
09 • 23 • 2019

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