Flanger Kids [HU]

Flanger Kids is an up-and-coming electro pop duo from Budapest. Their tunes are based on 80’s synth textures mixed with cosmic guitar riffs and soft and catchy vocals. Their debut song ‘In Your Room’ is featured on the Popping compilation by Telekom Electronic Beats Hungary. Under the label Move Gently Records – lead by Balázs

Alone at Parties [RO]

Alone at Parties is about the contradictions that keep popping up time and time again. It’s about loneliness at parties, about bad jokes at funerals, about seemingly unwelcoming cities that you fall in love with on a second visit. Their sound can be described as an indie-folk blend of soft-spoken synthesizers, playful electric guitars which

Dimitri’s Bats [RO]

Dimitri’s Bats is an independent 5 piece band founded in 2017 in Bucharest, RO. A fresh sight on the Romanian indie/alternative scene, constantly blurring the lines between dancefloor beats and alternative riffs, blending together eclectic sounds and dark undertones into a unique vibe that will get anyone tapping along. Released in early 2023, “Monobloc” is

Duckshell [HU]

Duckshell’s music is a mix of Hungarian, Balkan and Brazilian influences blended with different styles such as ska, punk and hip-hop. At every concert, they are present on the stage with a punk attitude, bringing a carnival atmosphere to clubs and festivals with their unique world music. The Budapest based Hungarian-Brazilian band has performed in

Call Me Unique [HU/UK]

Singer / songwriter & guitarist Call Me Unique infuses the sounds of jazz, soul, futurebeats, and scat-singing. Influenced by the sounds of Lauryn Hill, Ed Sheeran, Ella Fitzgerald & Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes. Renowned for her love of scatting and eclectic performance approach, her vibe truly is “unique”. Born in Manchester and raised in Handsworth, Birmingham,


TDK is a band from the Separatist republic of Dobrina, formed between the teeth of a martyr. The band is Bulgaria’s biggest disappointment and at the same time an act that seems to generate ever more interest. Sold-out shows, record sales, Jay-Z and Linkin Park, and idiots dancing to music high on drugs which are

birds of unknown [SI]

There are three so-called birds, the vocalist Patricija Škof, saxophonist Tibor Pernarčič and guitarist Tilen Beigot, all coming from Slovenia. birds of unknown were formed in the beginning of 2020. The trio gave a debut performance on May 2020 at the radio show called Prva Vrsta, which is a part of the program of the