Phrenia [RS]

PHRENIA is one of the most active modern metal bands in Serbia. Initially known for their pop-metal adaptations, the band now exclusively performs original songs in both English and Hungarian. In their music, they blend the hardness and energy of metal with the soaring electronic elements, characteristic of pop music, incorporating catchy and diverse vocal

Listening session by MOJO

“Get your music heard by the best in the biz! This is your chance to have a few seconds of your music played and to receive honest feedback. On November 2nd at 11 AM, join us at Black Hall for a listening session led by Beckie Sugden (CAA) and Marlon Burton (ATC), sponsored by MOJO.

Riders of the Storm & how to make an EPK

Booking and production workshop with Márk Bóna (SZIGET Festival) – Tips and practices on how to approach a festival/club booker. What are relevant information in a rider, pitch, EPK and what to leave out.

Spinning Vinyls in Budapest: Record Shop Tour – powered by HAIL

Budapest is a deeply historic city, which stands when it comes to records too. We picked the coolest independent record shops for you, all within walking distance, to show you another face of the city, with a small surprise at the end of it. Your guide will be an archeologist, underground music journalist on this

Showcase roasting

Robert Meijerink from Eurosonic, Adam Ryan from The Great Escape will be seated on the hot bench alongside Nina Kohout, while Eastern EU Industry pros and musicians can ask them anything they want from these men who might be one of their biggest gatekeepers. Questions will be welcome from the audience as well.


Granturismo is a tool that helps bookers connect to band representatives. It’s a great networking option in a kind of speed meeting form. We invite bookers/promoters/Festival reps who will be able to meet with 10 pre-selected band reps for a few minutes each in a speed-meeting style. This yeat speedmeet with: Jozsef Halmen (Stairway Booking,