Phrenia [RS]

PHRENIA is one of the most active modern metal bands in Serbia. Initially known for their pop-metal adaptations, the band now exclusively performs original songs in both English and Hungarian. In their music, they blend the hardness and energy of metal with the soaring electronic elements, characteristic of pop music, incorporating catchy and diverse vocal


XCES is a modular band/artistic collective bringing an audiovisual spectacle of post-genre age with emphasis on topics such as information overload, social alienation, meme culture, meta-irony and role of AI in art and society. Sonically, their debut spans from electronica, doom metal, experimental rap, poetry, soundscape up to noise territory, while this polystylism presents itself

Arleta [CZ]

As one of the most prominent artist on a Czech female rap scene, Arleta brings her dark vision that is both personal and playful. A contrast to a generic masculine rap that has dominated the scene for a long time, Arleta’s music often deals with current themes such as sexism, feminism or questionable moral principles,

Love’n’Joy – ETEP [UA]

Love’n’Joy – is one of the most successful Ukrainian Indie-Rock bands with an international profile. Having played numerous shows all over Europe, including festivals such as Reeperbahn and Eurosonic Noorderslag, they have also shared the stage with bands like Kikagaku Moyo, Boogarins, The Shivas and Petrol Girls. Love’n’Joy’s sound draws influences from Brit-Pop, 60s and


Trokut (eng. triangle) – a simple, but powerful shape that represents unity between five people who explore together in order to deliver their unique vision of jazz-pop-electronic music mixture. The band likes to fly high – the music can be intense, multi-layered and experimental, yet it always manages to keep a constant of simplicity and


LAZARVS, formerly known as Apey & the Pea, is a renowned Hungarian metal band that formed in 2008 in Budapest. They operate as a powerful trio, delivering a hard-hitting and energetic sound that resonates with metal enthusiasts worldwide. Embracing their new identity, they underwent a name change in 2019, becoming LAZARVS, a title that captures

Daniel Docherty [UK]

Many incredible singer-songwriters come from the streets. Multi-talented Daniel Docherty (31) from Glasgow is one of those. We’re not talking about being streetwise but about growing up in public, mastering your skills while busking in the streets, parks and shopping arcades. Docherty has ‘seen it all’ and has earned his stripes. If it would still

Sisi [HU]

2022 januárjában került ki Sisi első dala és homemade videóklipje a világhálóra, a „Yalla”, majd érkezett a Magyar Klipszemlén díjat is nyert „Kezeket fel”, a szójátékbajnok „MagasLow”, a melankolikusabb hangzású „Manifesto” végül az old schoolos „Rappelj jobban”. Sisi zsigereiben van az előadóművészet, szóval hamar kiderült a tavaly év végén, Akvárium Klub Lokálban tartott első fellépése

Stimming [DE]

Few people bring a truly original sound to house music – when it comes to longevity and leaving an indelible mark on the genre, you’ve got to bring something new to the table. His meticulously produced, and always emotionally-led music has intoxicated dance floors worldwide as well as served as a backdrop for a range