Phrenia [RS]

PHRENIA is one of the most active modern metal bands in Serbia. Initially known for their pop-metal adaptations, the band now exclusively performs original songs in both English and Hungarian. In their music, they blend the hardness and energy of metal with the soaring electronic elements, characteristic of pop music, incorporating catchy and diverse vocal


LAZARVS, formerly known as Apey & the Pea, is a renowned Hungarian metal band that formed in 2008 in Budapest. They operate as a powerful trio, delivering a hard-hitting and energetic sound that resonates with metal enthusiasts worldwide. Embracing their new identity, they underwent a name change in 2019, becoming LAZARVS, a title that captures

Mother of Millions [GR]

Mother of Millions is a prog-metal quartet based in Athens, Greece. The band has released 3 albums, “Human” (Bungalo 2014), “Sigma” (ViciSolum 2017), “Artifacts” (ViciSolum 2019), getting the most positive reviews from the audience and the global music press. A new EP titled “Orbit” was released in 2022, while Mother of Millions are working on

Jakub Zytecki [PL]

Jakub Zytecki is a guitar player and composer from Poland, mostly known as a member of his band DispersE, from which he recently departed. He’s been slowly shaping up his identity as a solo artist over the last 4 years, releasing a debut solo album ’Wishful Lotus Proof ’ in 2015, followed by two EPs