Showcase roasting

Robert Meijerink from Eurosonic, Adam Ryan from The Great Escape will be seated on the hot bench alongside Nina Kohout, while Eastern EU Industry pros and musicians can ask them anything they want from these men who might be one of their biggest gatekeepers. Questions will be welcome from the audience as well.


Granturismo is a tool that helps bookers connect to band representatives. It’s a great networking option in a kind of speed meeting form. We invite bookers/promoters/Festival reps who will be able to meet with 10 pre-selected band reps for a few minutes each in a speed-meeting style. This yeat speedmeet with: Jozsef Halmen (Stairway Booking,

Digital Distribution Panel

In terms of revenue from streaming, it is still unclear for artists how to choose the DSP service that suits their needs the best – depending on the state of their career, nature of the music they play, potential in their growth. How would you determine if you were an artist which service to choose?

Data and AI – the death of music curation?

Is data (plays, followers, monthly/weekly listeners, etc.) democratising the music industry or giving more power to the gatekeepers? Does the availability of the data make music curators go more for “safe bets” as opposed to exploration and introducing their audience to new music? With AI being able to process the data much more efficiently and

Agents panel

“How does a handful of UK based agents see the eastern-european market and what would need to happen for them to feel that it’s worth investing in them and book them outside of their region as well. Panelists: Beckie Sugden (CAA), Marlon Burton (ATC), Sally Dunstone (Primary Talent International) Hosting: Denes Pecsi-Szabo (BuSH, Up Music