cancel. [HU]

cancel. is a Budapest-based rapper, producer, artist, visionary, and as he describes himself: a maniac. In 2022 he was nominated by Telekom Electronic Beats as one of the best up-and-coming acts in Hungary. Cancel. is not your usual hip-hop artist, he is a true creative at heart. He creates concept albums and he designs every

Ficture – HEMI [HU/SK]

The sonic outcome of Gábor Tokár’s alter-ego Ficture is a collage of various sound sources, ranging from field recordings to analog synthesizers while keeping in mind that literally everything around us can be a potential part of music. Sound manipulation and resampling of self-recorded audio had a big role on Tokár’s debut ‘Roads To Everywhere’

Flanger Kids [HU]

Flanger Kids is an up-and-coming electro pop duo from Budapest. Their tunes are based on 80’s synth textures mixed with cosmic guitar riffs and soft and catchy vocals. Their debut song ‘In Your Room’ is featured on the Popping compilation by Telekom Electronic Beats Hungary. Under the label Move Gently Records – lead by Balázs