How to plan a festival

Your ‘Not-so-101’ guide on all the things to take into account and think of, when you’re planning a music festival. Hint: it’s in the details. Questions from the audience are welcome! On panel: Mark Bona (Sziget), Balazs Pacser (VEG) and Alin Vaida (Jazz in the Park)

How Big is the Slice of the Pie? Indies on the Growth powered by HAIL

Recent research discoveries show the blooming of the indies, getting a bigger slice of the pie against the majors, both physical and digital. Does the Central European region follow the global trends? Is it worth for emerging artists to still try to run after major label signings, or would they be better off with a

Listening session by MOJO

“Get your music heard by the best in the biz! This is your chance to have a few seconds of your music played and to receive honest feedback. On November 2nd at 11 AM, join us at Black Hall for a listening session led by Beckie Sugden (CAA) and Marlon Burton (ATC), sponsored by MOJO.

Riders of the Storm & how to make an EPK

Booking and production workshop with Márk Bóna (SZIGET Festival) – Tips and practices on how to approach a festival/club booker. What are relevant information in a rider, pitch, EPK and what to leave out.


XCES is a modular band/artistic collective bringing an audiovisual spectacle of post-genre age with emphasis on topics such as information overload, social alienation, meme culture, meta-irony and role of AI in art and society. Sonically, their debut spans from electronica, doom metal, experimental rap, poetry, soundscape up to noise territory, while this polystylism presents itself

Arleta [CZ]

As one of the most prominent artist on a Czech female rap scene, Arleta brings her dark vision that is both personal and playful. A contrast to a generic masculine rap that has dominated the scene for a long time, Arleta’s music often deals with current themes such as sexism, feminism or questionable moral principles,


Trokut (eng. triangle) – a simple, but powerful shape that represents unity between five people who explore together in order to deliver their unique vision of jazz-pop-electronic music mixture. The band likes to fly high – the music can be intense, multi-layered and experimental, yet it always manages to keep a constant of simplicity and

Sisi [HU]

2022 januárjában került ki Sisi első dala és homemade videóklipje a világhálóra, a „Yalla”, majd érkezett a Magyar Klipszemlén díjat is nyert „Kezeket fel”, a szójátékbajnok „MagasLow”, a melankolikusabb hangzású „Manifesto” végül az old schoolos „Rappelj jobban”. Sisi zsigereiben van az előadóművészet, szóval hamar kiderült a tavaly év végén, Akvárium Klub Lokálban tartott első fellépése

Dimitri’s Bats [RO]

Dimitri’s Bats is an independent 5 piece band founded in 2017 in Bucharest, RO. A fresh sight on the Romanian indie/alternative scene, constantly blurring the lines between dancefloor beats and alternative riffs, blending together eclectic sounds and dark undertones into a unique vibe that will get anyone tapping along. Released in early 2023, “Monobloc” is