XCES is a modular band/artistic collective bringing an audiovisual spectacle of post-genre age with emphasis on topics such as information overload, social alienation, meme culture, meta-irony and role of AI in art and society. Sonically, their debut spans from electronica, doom metal, experimental rap, poetry, soundscape up to noise territory, while this polystylism presents itself in equal parts as both a tribute and parody. Thematically the album is driven by lyrics generated by the GPT-2 model, which initially defined the topics as well as the genres/styles, and are performed not only by the lead vocalist, but also his digital clone and the voice assistant Siri. The entire album is accompanied by various visuals like cinematic alien installations of Ausgang (Alex Zelina and Radovan Dranga) AI generated nightmare fuel, absurdist conspiracy montages, all the way to trashy shitposting of memes. Instrumentally, in addition to the lineup (Tomo Michalcak – vocals/guitar/electronics, Stefan Tomko – guitar, Daniel Griglak – bass guitar, Boris Basista – drums), guest Kragrowargkomn contributed with some heavy doom bass, and an important extra member Tom Lobb from Beyond Music Studio took on production and mix/master. The result is a kind of “dystopian shuffle playlist” which, paired with the visuals, takes on hints of storytelling inspired by the pandemic period, technological progress, mental health struggles and conspiracy traps of recent times, but at the same time always turning the card towards humor and absurdity. In addition to the main line-up, the live show will often feature various local guests in improvisational slots and, like the album, will be accompanied by light show and visuals.