Trokut (eng. triangle) – a simple, but powerful shape that represents unity between five people
who explore together in order to deliver their unique vision of jazz-pop-electronic music
mixture. The band likes to fly high – the music can be intense, multi-layered and experimental,
yet it always manages to keep a constant of simplicity and accessibility.
Trokut was formed in 2018, consisting of Ana Čop on vocals and synths, Jaka Arh on saxophone
and electronics, Luka Čapeta on electric guitar, Hrvoje Kralj on electric bass and Jerko Jurin on
drums. They have performed at many renowned festivals in Croatia, Slovenia and Poland, such
as the 62nd Jazz Festival Ljubljana, Jazz Festival Jantar (Gdańsk), Telekom Electronic Beats
Festival Zagreb, 31st Music Biennale Zagreb and MENT Festival Ljubljana.
Their debut album Shapeless, released for the London-based label Rika Muzika, was highly
critically acclaimed among Croatian and Slovenian media and was nominated for the
prestigious Croatian music award, Porin. In February 2022 the band released their new EP
Rotate, Align, which was promoted on their first international tour in Germany. In the same
year the band was invited to perform at the renowned Telekom Electronic Beats festival in
Zagreb. In 2023 their EP was nominated for the Elector award in best new Electronica category.