cancel. [HU]

cancel. is a Budapest-based rapper, producer, artist, visionary, and as he describes himself: a maniac. In 2022 he was nominated by Telekom Electronic Beats
as one of the best up-and-coming acts in Hungary.
Cancel. is not your usual hip-hop artist, he is a true creative at heart. He creates concept albums and he designs every aspect of his art down to the smallest detail. Cancel. produces alternative, lo-fi, hip-hop, and rap music. Behind his songs, there is always a meaningful connotation, which moves the listener. He released his first project just a year, but he is already lining up the next waves of awesomeness. Stay tuned, because he is now working on his new single and album, on which there might be some special guests as well. These new projects are gonna be something murky, ingenious, and really, really special. He is also planning to make his debut international appearance in 2023.