Alone at Parties [RO]

Alone at Parties is about the contradictions that keep popping up time and time again. It’s about loneliness at parties, about bad jokes at funerals, about seemingly unwelcoming cities that you fall in love with on a second visit. Their sound can be described as an indie-folk blend of soft-spoken synthesizers, playful electric guitars which come together around subtle acoustic rhythms and warm and moody vocals. The band comes from Cluj-Napoca & is composed of Andrei, Casiana, Dani, Florin & Lazăr.
They made their debut with a live rendition of Board Games, released in November 2021 (watch & listen here). Performed with a sparse arrangement in a minimalist post-party setting that evokes ‘70s era nostalgia, it’s a DIY effort that hinted at what was to come.