### [HR]

### (pronounced by hitting a random object three times) is a band best described by instrumental guitar noise, feedback and pulsating lights and rhythms. Notorious in the Balkan underground for their DIY approach while avoiding a normal course of things, they have recorded and/or performed in abandoned ironworks buildings, roofs, lavatories as well as moved a whole studio to a squatted cinema in Belgrade or into an abandoned light bulb factory. Since their inception, Goran Nježić, Anja Tkalec, Sven Sorić and Jurica Zrnc have tried the best they can to harvest the silence of their small hometowns Sisak and Novska into a self-propelled world of video experiments, tinnitus and print stains on their fingers. In 2022 they released the album “Nasilno” to critical acclaim with the general consensus that this release marks the culmination of their sound and years long work.