Middlemist Red featured in Ray Donovan

Last year we invited music supervisor Nora Felder to do a listening sessions with  synch agent Noush Mostaghimi. We made an open call for bands who could submit their songs. Later at the conference, selected songs and their writers were invited to get feedbacks on their tracks. Both Middlemist Red and Skeemers were present and […]

The must knows before going to BUSH

CONFERENCE VENUE – Brody Studios / Vörösmarty u. 38, 1064 Conference entry (pro pass, including showcase): – There’s no need to print your ticket confirmation – You have to prove your identity with an official document – You can collect them at Brody Studios from 9:00 to 18:00 CONCERT VENUES – Instant, Larm, Frame, Robot […]

Grantourismo applications are open

Dear all! Here you can find the application forms for both Grantourismo events (GT & GT Germany): GT 1ST BLOCK (15th) GT 2ND BLOCK (15th) GT GERMANY (16th) More info: CONF SCHEDULE

No Escape - Roasting Reeperbahn

Borrowing from the old-school Hungarian Tv show style, we’re inviting 3 musicians to ask anything they want from the man who might be one of their biggest gatekeeper: Björn Pfarr – Head of Music Programme / Reeperbahn The roasters: Laci Kelemen – Dope Calypso Vera Jónás – Jonas Vera Experiment Pista Kralovic – FVLCRVM The […]

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Sara helps to develop the fastest growing music production company in Poland, specializing in touring around the whole country. Years of international working and educational experiences helps her to improve cosmopolitan business relationship approach in Good Taste Production. Sara’s experience of working with top Polish Artist’s Managers has help her already to collaborate with some of the world famous international artists such us Pat Metheny, Bobby Mcferrin, Knower, Cory Henry or with the latest project of Hans Zimmer.

Certified artist coach, educator, process designer. She founded her company, Artist in Bloom, to build unique services dedicated to artists who want to bring their creative world under control and build professional life in a more conscious and effective way, according to their vision, sensitivity and realities of creative industries. She is a partner of Outbreakers’ Lab run by HOTS.

When her debut EP Enuff was out, she had already performed at biggest Polish festivals. It’s no surprise that one of the biggest hip-hop labels in Poland signed her.
Rosalie’s output is the effect of her personal music explorations in answer to
widespread trends in contemporary R&B stemming from classic hip-hop and new electronics.

Polish septet, EABS blending traditional Polish Jazz with sounds from other genres, thus creating a new and personal interpretation of modern jazz. EABS have created their unique compositions by employing an approach exercising the idea of ‘reconstruction from deconstruction’ where sampling and looping are merged with jazz improvisations.
The injection of hip-hop, jungle, funk, gospel and electronic music add a futuristic tone to the tracks.