Middlemist Red featured in Ray Donovan

Last year we invited music supervisor Nora Felder to do a listening sessions with  synch agent Noush Mostaghimi. We made an open call for bands who could submit their songs. Later at the conference, selected songs and their writers were invited to get feedbacks on their tracks. Both Middlemist Red and Skeemers were present and […]

The must knows before going to BUSH

CONFERENCE VENUE – Brody Studios / Vörösmarty u. 38, 1064 Conference entry (pro pass, including showcase): – There’s no need to print your ticket confirmation – You have to prove your identity with an official document – You can collect them at Brody Studios from 9:00 to 18:00 CONCERT VENUES – Instant, Larm, Frame, Robot […]

Grantourismo applications are open

Dear all! Here you can find the application forms for both Grantourismo events (GT & GT Germany): GT 1ST BLOCK (15th) GT 2ND BLOCK (15th) GT GERMANY (16th) More info: CONF SCHEDULE

No Escape - Roasting Reeperbahn

Borrowing from the old-school Hungarian Tv show style, we’re inviting 3 musicians to ask anything they want from the man who might be one of their biggest gatekeeper: Björn Pfarr – Head of Music Programme / Reeperbahn The roasters: Laci Kelemen – Dope Calypso Vera Jónás – Jonas Vera Experiment Pista Kralovic – FVLCRVM The […]

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Balázs is an event ticketing specialist and founder of Budapest-based ticketing company TIXA. TIXA delivers innovative ticketing solutions for over 500 Hungarian promoters, artists and managers. TIXA’s approach towards music is connected with the founder’s background. Balázs is an experienced promoter (Fekete Zaj Festival) and manager of the legendary psychedelic punk band Vágtázó Halottkémek.

Aron Lukacs is a communications expert, a cultural organizer and artist manager with wide experiences in multiple fields. He is the head of communications for Bankito Festival, a leading Hungarian boutique festival with strong social focus and a various musical lineup each year. They approached the Russian market with his band, Deep Glaze and had a successful tour from St. Petersburg to Samara in 2018.

Máté plays violin in Bohemian Betyars and acts as the band’s international manager. He organises the UbikEklektik Art Festival. Wrote his dissertation on DIY band management which focused around the effect of 21st century technology on the music industry in which Blockhain is the next step.

Since 2004 Péter has been a member of the Copyright Board and since 2010 is the Strategic and Communications Director of ARTISJUS (Hungarian Copyright Protection Association). The founder, designer and writer of ARTISJUS Quarterly Magazine, ‘Dal + Szerző. Moreover he has published many articles on copyrights and related subjects.

Dávid is the head of HOTS (Hungarian Oncoming Tunes). HOTS was able to set a basic framework for a a pro-active strategy that helps the local stakeholders of the music industry to meet specific knowledge about their possible target regions, approx. 200+ artists to tour 50+ countries in the world, 93 local professionals to visit professional conferences and events in delegations, and also hosting dedicated workshops and a mentor & art camp.

Tamás is a business developer at TicketSwap, a fan to fan ticket resale platform that protect fans from scammers and touts. Working with 100+ organisations across Europe TicketSwap’s mission is to make secondary ticketing safe, fair and transparent. TicketSwap is headquartered in Amsterdam and present throughout Europe, with over 3 million users and counting.

Since 2017 Zsolt has been working in the Cultural Policy unit of the Directorate General for Education and Culture. Currently he is in charge of the Music Moves Europe initiative of the Commission to promote diverse, sustainable and competitive European music ecosystem. He is also charged with the development of the cultural cooperation in the Western-Balkans.

Adam is a Los Angeles and Budapest-based film composer. His musical voice is derived from his Eastern European background, his classical training, his expertise in contemporary electronics and his approach to film scoring that is not afraid of taking chances. To date, Adam scored over 35 films. His projects include the score for Berlinare 2017 Golden Bear-winning On Body And Soul & the 2017 Oscar-winner live action short, Sing.

A hand-drawn circle with a line on top introducing a sound you wouldn’t expect from Hungary, that is
too catchy to be Jazz,
too diverse to be Pop,
too groovy to be Indie,
too trippy to be Funk,
too deep to be party,
yet too weird to be taken seriously.

Award-winning Vera Jónás sways you with her tender music or makes you dance with her tiger-wild songs. After Tauron Life festival in Poland and an extensive festival tour in Hungary, Vera is travelling with her band, Vera Jonas Experiment, to Asia and tour in Europe in the autumn of 2018, releasing new songs all throughout the year.
The band performed three shows at Eurosonic 2017 and played at South Korea?s Zandari Festa.