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With Ivan & The Parazol, Kamp! and NOËP

Listening Session

With Music Supervisor Nora Felder

Matt Lawrence
GRAMMY Award-winning producer, engineer and mixer

Touring in Eastern Europe

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Deep Glaze is a young greek-hungarian fuzz band creating music with mixing both alternative and classical rock musical elements. The strength of the group comes from the originality of writing their own music. They have a unique dirty full-stack sound and an overwhelming live presence on stage. In October 2017, they were chosen by The Black Lips as support band at their A38 Hajó gig.

Exploring new sounds, blending different musical genres together makes up the unique world of the group. The band consists of five guys, the two frontmen, Dimitris and Yorgos are originally from Greece, but they decided to burn down Budapest for the first time at Budapest Showcase Hub!

Inspired by the beat-movements of the 60s, present indie music, and singer-songwriters from the American South, Blahalouisiana delivers a fresh, energetic performance that soon became the favorite of thousands of musically conscious fans in Hungary. In the summer of 2016, the band had its first Main Stage appearances at Orfű festival, SZIN festival, and Eisenstadt, Austria, alongside playing all the other important Hungarian music festivals and headlining club concerts. The band started touring in the nearby countries (Slovakia, Austria, Romania). 2017 started with a sold-out show in the great hall of Akvárium with an audience of 1200. Four of Blahalouisiana’s singles landed in the TOP 3 of the national radio station (MR2), the latest reaching the first place. The band signed with Hungarian pop and alternative record label Gold Record in 2014, and published its first full-length album in April 2016, featuring new songs both in English and Hungarian, and the new single ‘Deeper (I’m going deeper)’ with a lyric video:

The Budapest-based garage band released 3 albums in 3 years growing out themselves to the top of all the relevant Hungarian lists. The catchy 2 min. songs were put in an artistic frame by the two guitarists. No bass guitar, no songs under 190bmp – that’s Dope Calypso.

Middlemist Red gives you the atmospheric soundscape of psychedelic rock showing respect to its ascendants with nostalgia while giving it a new elucidation in a 21st century context. The foursome formed in 2012, soon they had great impulse on the music scene of Budapest, Hungary as well as significant international acknowledgement.

Now, after two years their second album is out and it was worth waiting for. The same gravity they were related to the creation of their first album got more fledged and consistent at the second, with a result reminding of late Horrors, The Sun and some Joy Division for the classic roots.

Mius is a solo music project by Gergely Álmos, based in Budapest. It is defined as a multi-art project wherein the different fields of self-expression meet each other. Gergely Álmos is an architect in civil life and also works in movies as set designer, which describes why M?us always pays attention to every small detail from songs to videos as everything is part of his self-expression. All the works are a result of a mature conception.

Booker-promoter at DDW Music and Newbeat, Hungary. Meet him at Granturismo!

Representative for HOTS, the Hungarian music export brand. Promoter at A38 Ship, assistant to Zsuzsanna Bende, head of programming. Board member at Liveurope, a Creative Europe initiative to support emerging European acts’ international mobility across the continent.

Programme director at Pécsi Est, Pécs. Meet her at Granturismo!

Programme director at Akvárium, Budapest. Meet him at Granturismo!

Fusing low-end rhythms with near-religious-sounding harmonies. And through the band?s brief move to Berlin, were influenced and consequently dug deep into the fierce sound of the 70s & 80s combining an unprecedented energy from its club music.

In 2013 their most recent self-titled album gained even more attention than all their previous efforts ? with complexity and constantly-changing moods, Nvmeri managed to turn in multiple pleasant surprises in their new songs. While not being overtly ambient, the band however pulled inspiration from similar genres, drawing in the listener and focusing on creating a deeper experience.