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1. Listening Session with Nora Felder pres. by SynchAudio
Emmys 2017 nominated music supervisor for Stranger Things Nora Felder is listening and evaluating your pre-submitted tracks. Presented by Noush Mostaghimi from SynchAudio.
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2. Storytelling in the music business with Chimes
What is storytelling?
How does one start to build a good story for an artist?
Tools and exercises:
How does language affect audience engagement? Building emotional ties is a key to long-term marketing success. Storytelling as a starting point for a promotion strategy. How to create a good bio and press kit?
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3. Campaign doctor with Wesley A’Harrah of MusicAlly
One of the smartest guy from our favourite UK music think tank is back again.
Being on top of all the latest tech, marketing and industry trends he?s one step ahead when it comes to building the right marketing campaign for your release, tour, or brand. Apply with your plans, he?ll pick the best ones, meet you for direct consulting sessions and the very best will get perks from Musically (e.g. feature in their magazine subscribed by thousands of key figures around the world)
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4. UK Media – Strategies for success
Last year UK music industry contributed 4.4 billion to the country?s economy and delivered 2.5 billion in music exports. In comparison to the size of the sector, UK music media is relatively small. Competition to get reviews in print or on top blogs is fierce. Same applies to getting even spot play on BBC radio stations. Is it possible for an independent European artist without a significant budget to get coverage in the UK? Which magazines, blogs or radio station do you target? How do you choose your PR? What are the most important media trends in 2017? Anastasia will discuss what you can (and can?t) expect to achieve with little help and a limited budget. Participants can send in their biographies, press releases to get a direct feedbacks on them.
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11 • 07 • 2017

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