Middlemist Red featured in Ray Donovan

Last year we invited music supervisor Nora Felder to do a listening sessions with  synch agent Noush Mostaghimi. We made an open call for bands who could submit their songs. Later at the conference, selected songs and their writers were invited to get feedbacks on their tracks.

Both Middlemist Red and Skeemers were present and their songs were since used in primetime US TV shows. We asked MMR about the experience.

How did you meet Nora?

Our publicist found an article that had a call for band, that if they send two tracks, there?s a chance that Nora Felder will review their songs, on her workshop at BUSH17.

How did you made her listen to your music?

We were early appliers, and got in the workshop.

How quickly did the offer follow?

Since the Hungarian, canadian and US rules are different, first it took us 3 months to get the contract right, and from there it was another 3 months until our first placement, so overall we got the first offer after a half year.

What was the hardest part to make it work?

Documentation and administration for the contract.

Did you have to compete with other musicians to get your song featured?

We might had to, but these parts doesn?t concerns the bands, from the point you have a synch agent, they will recommend your band as part of their rooster, it?s good to have a good relationship with your synch agent and music supervisors, but at the end of the day there are so many other factors you can?t control, that competition isn?t a relevant part of being successful in this field.

Did you get any new followers or fans after this?

Our first placements happened a few weeks ago, so if there was any change it might not be showing yet, but every beginning takes time, and we feel absolutely positive about having a few tracks in international productions.

Did this experience help you in your music carrier? How?

It gives us motivation, while working together with a professional synch crew gives us a glimpse of how our life could look in a few years, if we get there, so since we have synch representation, we might take our tasks more seriously.

12 • 19 • 2018

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