László Papp

Why are you excited to be a part of Budapest Showcase Hub?

I’m really proud of the guys Dani & Ren who started this premium quality  showcase festival last year in Budapest. I’m sure this year will be even cooler!

What can people expect from appearance?

Nice conversations that hopefully will make sense this time – It is sober November guys! 🙂

For BUSH-goers not familiar with you yet, what should they know about you?

I represent Selected Sounds Label and the Budapest-based promoter team called NVC . We have been hosting Telekom Electronic Beats Festivals in Budapest since 2011. We run a place called ‘Központ’ (=Center) that is a popular meeting point of Budapest’s creative youth, and the mediterranean restaurant called ‘Dobrumba’ just on the next corner. I play as a dj under the name ‘Subotage’ and in 2017 I started my new musical project called ‘surfalone’.

Aside from your presenting your company, what else would you like to do during Budapest Showcase Hub 2017?

Just as always – hanging around the city, checking out concerts, meet friends & new people.

Which bands will you surely catch during the festival?

Dope Calypso , Middlemist Red, Mius, Deep Glaze, Koloah, Kamp!, Mustelide, Agim, NOËP, Beissoul & Einus, Bulp, Helen, A_Gim


11 • 14 • 2017

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