Jesper Gadeberg

Why are you excited to be a part of Budapest Showcase Hub?

To learn about the Hungarian music scene.

What can people expect from appearance?

A man of knowledge like few. I work at the highest level music creatively placing songs within the world of advertising.

For BUSH-goers not familiar with you yet, what should they know about you?

Please feel free to visit . Here is all U need to know about me.

Aside from your presenting your company, what else would you like to do during Budapest Showcase Hub 2017?

As this is my first trip to Budapest I not only plan to be net-working at BUSH but also to go and explore Budapest a bit. To see what the city has to offer especially the food scene.

Which bands will you surely catch during the festival?

I still have to prepare myself for my concert agenda and check out who is playing at BUSH. This is high season for me as a music supervisor and my clients have taken me hostage for the time being allowing me little time to check out any artist and bands playing at BUSH. Any tips of artist and bands to go and explore are most certainly welcome as this will save me some time. Looking forward to come down and visit. To learn and listen.


11 • 08 • 2017

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