Farinoush Mostaghimi

1. Why are you excited to be a part of Budapest Showcase Hub?

Well the first thing is that I have never been to Budapest before. I am excited to visit for the first time, what I know is one of the great classic cities of the world with an incredible, rich music legacy. I am imagining walking the same streets where Liszt and Bartok have walked. I am also looking forward to visiting the Music History Museum. I have always been aware that Budapest is a great city for music especially known for its philharmonic and symphony orchestras. I heard of so many people in the film business who have come here to record soundtracks for their movies. Since I live in Canada I know that one of our great bands Arcade Fire have recorded with The Budapest Film Orchestra. But of course I am excited to learn so much more while attending Budapest Showcase Hub and to discovering amazing East European artists and music. As I said, I am excited!

2. What can people expect from your appearance?

During my time at BUSH I will be actively looking for new music. At SynchAudio it is our goal to have a diverse catalogue of music. Our aim is to have a deep well of music for music supervisors to access. We want all styles from the most popular and contemporary to traditional and world roots and indigenous. Because when it comes to film and television, it is the music that provides the colour that helps bring the director’s story to life. The music supervisor is the curator of the music and we aim to give them the greatest access to choice. So we are seeking music from all over the world including Hungary and Eastern Europe.
In addition we are excited to be participating in the conference and explaining what we do in our role as a synch agent and music publisher. Of course we are always honoured to share the stage with Nora Felder, one of the great music supervisors currently working in the front lines of TV and cinema. As you know, I will be moderating a keynote listening session with music supervisor Nora Felder where she will reveal how she works as a music supervisor and tell stories of her work on such successful TV shows like “Stranger Things”. This session will be a great knowledge exchange for the audience.

3. For BUSH-goers not familiar with you yet, what should they know about you?

SynchAudio Is a Canadian based creative sync agency.
We are a creative team of passionate, lovers of music who are dedicated to the independent composers, songwriters and recording artists we represent.
As you may know, Licensing music is often perceived as being a complicated maze of difficult negotiations. It is from this perception that SynchAudio was born.
We see the matrix and we decode the complexity on behalf of the music creators we represent.

4. Aside from your presenting your company, what else would you like to do during Budapest Showcase Hub 2017?

As I noted earlier, I am aiming to attend as many showcases as possible. I want to hear a variety of music and to meet many artists and get to know their music.

5. Which bands will you surely catch during the festival?

While I haven’t picked any bands as yet, I am actively researching and listening in preparation for attending the festival. My style is to research and to create playlists that I can live with during my day.
Basically I immerse myself in the music so that when I get to BUSH I will have a good degree of familiarity. So it is going to be a nice adventure for me to discover the artists and the music in person.
10 • 19 • 2017

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