Andraz Kajzer

Why are you excited to be a part of Budapest Showcase Hub?

Last year was a good start with good people attending so I’m happy to be back at BuSH, excited to hear the bands and of course to participate at the conference. I also really really like the people that organize BuSH.

What can people expect from appearance?

They can expect 1,86 m tall white dude with moustache and beard. Slowly getting bald. People say I have a mean look but that I’m ok otherwise. I’m of course available for any questions regarding the MENT Ljubljana festival & conference or anything concerning Slovenia. I usually don’t dance, just groove a bit if the music is loud enough.

For BUSH-goers not familiar with you yet, what should they know about you?

I like beer. I also like white wine. I’m into good bands and good music. I don’t like bands that look better than they play.

Aside from your presenting your company, what else would you like to do during Budapest Showcase Hub 2017?

I’d definitely like to see a museum or a gallery presenting contemporary art. And good acts.

Which bands will you surely catch during the festival?

Slovenians for sure: persons from porlock & Torul. Apart from that I wanna see Koloah. There’s quite a few acts we hosted at MENT in the previous years and some we already confirmed for MENT 2018 so I’ll definitely check the ones I didn’t have the chance too see live yet. I hope they’re good. I also want to hear The Qualitons, ’cause I’ve heard the Red Hot story a couple of times already. And I see there’s some fresh ex-Yu blood!


11 • 13 • 2017

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