18 • 12 • 19
Middlemist Red featured in Ray Donovan

Last year we invited music supervisor Nora Felder to do a listening sessions with  synch agent Noush Mostaghimi. We made an open call for bands who could submit their songs. Later at the conference, selected songs and their writers were invited to get feedbacks on their tracks. Both Middlemist Red and Skeemers were present and […]

18 • 11 • 14
The must knows before going to BUSH

CONFERENCE VENUE – Brody Studios / Vörösmarty u. 38, 1064 Conference entry (pro pass, including showcase): – There’s no need to print your ticket confirmation – You have to prove your identity with an official document – You can collect them at Brody Studios from 9:00 to 18:00 CONCERT VENUES – Instant, Larm, Frame, Robot […]

18 • 11 • 10
Grantourismo applications are open

Dear all! Here you can find the application forms for both Grantourismo events (GT & GT Germany): GT 1ST BLOCK (15th) GT 2ND BLOCK (15th) GT GERMANY (16th) More info: CONF SCHEDULE

18 • 11 • 09
No Escape - Roasting Reeperbahn

Borrowing from the old-school Hungarian Tv show style, we’re inviting 3 musicians to ask anything they want from the man who might be one of their biggest gatekeeper: Björn Pfarr – Head of Music Programme / Reeperbahn The roasters: Laci Kelemen – Dope Calypso Vera Jónás – Jonas Vera Experiment Pista Kralovic – FVLCRVM The […]

18 • 11 • 08
German PR landscape

Ever thought of entering the German market? Think again and even better apply for this workshop! Germany is a beast on its own with its huge territory divided into regions and hubs suiting for different music styles. It can be a very lucrative one or a total flop so you’d better prepare yourself! Apply with: […]

Reaching your audience directly with I AM POP

I AM POP is one of the leading fan communication platforms, you can learn how to use it to engage your fans or clients. Limited places available, apply here: Speaker: HARRY WILLIS 12:30, Fri, 16th Nov, Brody Studios

Team building for artists & bands

A band works like a small company and the most important fuel in every company is the people. The workshop is dedicated to artists and managers who would like to discover how to build a good, creative team that plays towards the same goal. Participants will get a clear guideline for every action that has […]

Decentralized Music

Investigating various Blockchain projects made for the music industry. Without going too deep into the technicalities, we’re taking a casual look at some of the most ambitious, promising or hilarious decentralized projects and see if they are proper Blockchain projects or simply bull*hit. Participants: DEREK OPPERMAN – Electronic Beats MATE PALAGYI – Bohemian Betyars Moderator: […]