11 • 14
Matthew Neale

Q&A with Matthew of Clash magazine

László Papp

Q&A with László of Selected Sounds, NVC and Telekom Electronic Beats

11 • 13
Backstage Forum On A38 Sh...

Education event of Hangfoglaló Program on the 15th of Nov.

Martiina Putnik

Q&A with Martiina of Tallinn Music Week and Music Estonia

Andraz Kajzer
Q&A with the organizer of MENT Ljubljana
11 • 08
Jesper Gadeberg

Q&A with the award winning music stylist

Dávid Bali

Q&A with the rep of HOTS, promoter of A38

11 • 07
Register and learn!

Trainings of BUSH 2017

10 • 31
Success Step by Step
UK Media strategies with Anastasia Connor
Give your ideas a spin!
Campaign doctor with Wesley A'Harrah of MusicAlly
10 • 25
Paul Sampson

Q&A with the founder and CEO of LICKD

10 • 19
Farinoush Mostaghimi

Q & A with the owner of SynchAudio

Grand Opening

With Ivan & The Parazol, Kamp! and NOËP

Listening Session

With Music Supervisor Nora Felder

10 • 17
Video by Kinopravda?

Win your band a world-class music video!

10 • 11
Storytelling in the Music...

16th of November, 10:30, Tesla

10 • 10
Andrey Galperovich

Q & A with the owner of Powerhouse Moscow, Semikols Record Pressing Riga and Wait!What? Records

Matt Lawrence

GRAMMY Award-winning producer, engineer and mixer

10 • 04

Touring in Eastern Europe

09 • 08
Meet us in Moscow!