19 • 08 • 23
The coolest acts of the future at BUSH 2019

The three-day ‘musical mind-bending’ showcase will feature 35 performers from the Eastern Bloc.

18 • 12 • 19
Middlemist Red featured in Ray Donovan

Last year we invited music supervisor Nora Felder to do a listening sessions with  synch agent Noush Mostaghimi.

18 • 11 • 14
The must knows before going to BUSH

Conference venues, concert venues, entry, etc

18 • 11 • 10
Grantourismo applications are open

Here you can find the application forms for both Grantourismo events…

18 • 11 • 09
No Escape - Roasting Reeperbahn

Borrowing from the old-school Hungarian Tv show style, we’re inviting…

18 • 11 • 08
German PR landscape

Ever thought of entering the German market? Think again and even better apply for this workshop! Germany is a beast on its own with its huge territory divided into regions and hubs suiting for different music styles. It can be a very lucrative one or a total flop so you’d better prepare yourself! Apply with: […]

Reaching your audience directly with I AM POP

I AM POP is one of the leading fan communication platforms, you can learn how to use it to engage your fans or clients. Limited places available, apply here: Speaker: HARRY WILLIS 12:30, Fri, 16th Nov, Brody Studios

Team building for artists & bands

A band works like a small company and the most important fuel in every company is the people. The workshop is dedicated to artists and managers who would like to discover how to build a good, creative team that plays towards the same goal. Participants will get a clear guideline for every action that has […]

Decentralized Music

Investigating various Blockchain projects made for the music industry. Without going too deep into the technicalities, we’re taking a casual look at some of the most ambitious, promising or hilarious decentralized projects and see if they are proper Blockchain projects or simply bull*hit. Participants: DEREK OPPERMAN – Electronic Beats MATE PALAGYI – Bohemian Betyars Moderator: […]