What is BuSH?

The Budapest Showcase Hub is a regional showcase festival and conference of the music industry focusing on the vivid scene of East-Europe (from the Baltic to the Balkans).

Who is behind BuSH?

BUSH is organized by Eastaste Music Ltd. and a network of regional professional, who work in partnership with a growing number of regional and international associations and institutions.

How can I apply as a band?

In the first year of Budapest Showcase Hub you cannot submit your application as an act. There is a method of selection we developed and it has two phases. In the first phase selectors from each country suggest at least 3 bands from their own country. We receive these suggestions and once we had processed them we will send a playlist with the suggested bands on it to every selector and they will rate the acts on a scale. In this second phase of selection selectors won’t get suggested bands from their own country on their playlists. The answers of the second phase will be processed mathematically and in the end we’ll get the most suggested bands from the international selector team.

Is BuSH only for Hungarian acts?

Not at all. BuSH is focusing on the whole Eastern European region and the staff is looking for performances and representatives from as many nations and as possible.

We are constantly updating our FAQ, so bear with us.

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