Nov 15

10:0014:30Filmmusic workshop I. – Directors

Directors workshop with Thomas Golubić co-organized with Fast Forward Program (MNF).
During the workshop for the movie directors, Thomas will personally supervise the chosen projects.
The participants will have the opportunity for a Skype meeting prior, for that during the personal meeting it would enhance the workflow and the learning process.

11:0012:30Gran Tourismo

Granturismo is a tool that helps bookers connect to band representatives. It’s a great networking option. Meet the guys who can help you get gigs in the Eastern Bloc. Apply now:

Who you can meet:
Boyan Robert Pinter – Sofia GuitArt Festival BG
Ištvan Tomaš – Monokey / Forsevent LT
Jarek Krawczyk – Kulo Music PL
Kriz Wachowiak – NRD Club PL
Maciej Madejski – Sideways Booking PL
Sara Maria Kordek – Goodtaste Production PL
Anca Lupes – Star Management RO
Andrei Bobis – Cirkular Label, Studio, Booking RO
Carina Sava – Agentia de Vise Management RO
Dan Vamanu – Atelier Club RO
Jozsef Halmen / Hunor Györk Nagy – Stairway Booking RO
Titus Carole – Electric Castle Festival RO
Nebojsa Petrovic – Rocksvirke Booking RS
Stefan Kazaryan – Moscow Music Week RU

David Nguyen – Rock For People Festival CZ
Michal Tardik – Everything Goes Booking CZ
Danijel Sikora – Geenger Records / Pozitivan Ritam Booking HR
Željko Pendić – Distune promotion HR
Márk Bóna – Sziget Festival HU
Natália Oszkó-Jakab – Valley of Arts Festival HU
Petra Kirschner – Akvárium Klub HU
Szabolcs Czeglédi – Bánkitó Festival HU
Matjaz Mancek – Kino Siska / Ment Festival SI
Juraj Chocher – Gentle Groove Production SK
Suzanne Verschueren – Pohoda Festival SK

14:0014:45Songwriting as a community experience

Seeing the once again rising trend of songwriting camps and songwriting workshops makes one feel that there is demand for community experince in the process of creating new music.
During this session we are to discuss where this demand comes from and what are the great examples and best practices.
In association with DEX, Outbreakers LAB & Riga Live.

14:5015:35No Escape – Roasting Reeperbahn

Borrowing from the old-school Hungarian Tv show style, we’re inviting 3 musicians to ask anything they want from the man who might be one of their biggest gatekeeper:
Bjorn Pfarr – Head of Music Programme / Reeperbahn

The roasters:
Laci Kelemen – Dope Calypso
Vera Jónás – Jonas Vera Experiment
Pista Kralovic – FVLCRVM

15:4016:25How does Music Moves Europe?

Applications are open and we are to enter the second preparatory action year of Music Moves Europe (MME), the overarching framework for the European Commission’s initiatives and actions in support of the European music sector.
It’s a good time have an overview on the present situation, progress also talk about Eastern-Europe’s contribution and possible benefits.

15:4517:15German PR Landscape

Ever thought of entering the German market? Think again and even better apply for this workshop! Germany is a beast on its own with its huge territory divided into regions and hubs suiting for different music styles. It can be a very lucrative one or a total flop so you’d better prepare yourself!
Kathrin Wagmüller from Wagmüller PR is one of the most sought after PR agent in Germany. She’ll be your guide on this trip.

Apply with: press release, a short description of your plans in Germany, maximum 3 questions.

16:3017:15Decentralized Music

Investigating various Blockchain projects made for the music industry.
Without going too deep into the technicalities, we’re taking a casual look at some of the most ambitious, promising or hilarious decentralized projects and see if they are proper Blockchain projects or simply bull*hit.

17:3018:30Hungarian Reception

This is where and when you can meet the key players of the Hungarian music scene from promoters through booking agents to labels and sync agents. Meet and greet the folks with whom you will do business in the near future along with some great wine and snacks!

Nov 16

10:0014:30Filmmusic workshop II. – Composers

Composers workshop co-organized with Fast Forward Program (MNF).
The composers involved in the workshop will be asked to write a piece of music for selected scenes under the supervision of Thomas Golubić and Ádám Balázs.
Participants will receive the movie scenes in advance to be able to prepare sketches and ideas.

11:0012:30Gran Tourismo Germany

Meet the agents who are booking bands to those clubs / festivals who has not been answering your mails for years.

Who you can meet:
Jonas Seetge – Landstreicher Booking
Luciano Hoch – Handshake Booking
Hauke Steinhof – ZART Agency
Maximilian Wentzler – ZART Agency
Julia Frank – Wizard Promotions
Christoph Austermann – Four Artists Agency
Reinhard Buchmann – Jazzhouse Booking
Sebastian Krol – Backseat PR
Björn Pfarr – Reeperbahn Festival
Kathrin Wagmüller – Wagmüller PR
Arne Thamer – Backseat PR

12:3013:45Reaching your audience directly with I AM POP

I AM POP is one of the leading fan communication platforms, you can learn how to use it to engage your fans or clients.
Limited places available, apply here:

12:3013:45Team Building for Artists & Bands

A band works like a small company and the most important fuel in every company is the people. The workshop is dedicated to artists and managers who would like to discover how to build a good, creative team that plays towards the same goal.
Participants will get a clear guideline for every action that has to be made step-by-step by a band to create a team on every level: actions, communication, responsibilities, future plans or strategies for everyday cooperation.

Limited places available, apply here:

14:0014:45Russia is Russia

Russia is a big country. Russia is a big market. Russia is a big opportunity. Russia is diverse and has a lot to offer.
The question in most cases is how to approach the size and features of this area. Probably we should look for the gatekeepers!

14:5015:35How far is Hollywood?

Keynote with Thomas Golubić co-organized with Fast Forward Program (MNF).
What do music supervisors do? How do they help a chemistry teacher to become a drug dealer kingpin? How do they make a film more popular and sellable? How do they save time and money for the production?
Thomas will tell all the secrets about how to use music professionally and how it can be learned and done well.

15:4016:25Selling tickets again & again – Secondary Ticketing

Secondary ticketing has been a hotbed for opportunities for decades, especially in how to abuse it. Technology seem to have a good solution for it creating win-win scenario for each party involved.

16:3017:15Wie Geht’s? – Touring in Germany

Germany is one of the biggest live music market in Europe. But how does it work? What are the essential tools for a band to be succesful there.
How does an Eastern European band get attention in Germany? Two top German agents are going to share their experieneces with you!

17:2018:05How to get and spend public money well?

What are the do’s and don’t’s in applying for funds? Best tips, advices?
How to spend public funds responsibly and where’s the line of spending it on sustainable projects or otherwise unsustainable ones?