It’s nice to be fair: this is how we selected the bands that will play at BuSH

It’s nice to be fair: this is how we selected the bands that will play at BuSH

Because it wasn’t really us.

But let’s begin at the beginning. Back in spring we held some pretty heavy brainstorming medleys at our office spiced up with some good old insomnia to figure out how we should pick those few artists that will play at our showcase festival.

At first we had no clue how to grab this damned dilemma by the throat. Because it goes this: limited stage time and low budget on one side, an ocean of talents on the other, and between the two - it’s tears and bitterness. Plus the managers with knives in their hands to push their own protegees into the roster. Not to mention the curses on us we don’t really want to carry for a lifetime. It’s all too much drama.

But one day it all came clear as a cube of solid sunshine. We thought we cooked up the righteous method: it wouldn’t be us who do the selection. It will be the BuSH Selectors.

In the first phase we invited more than hundred of the most household names from the Eastern-European region’s music industry to pick at least five of their homelands’ musical acts. Bands from their own country that they think are export ready, have the buzz and are made up of committed musicians. Bands they would love to see catapulting into stardom.


Once we received these “national” suggestions from all the BuSH Selectors, the process stepped into the second phase: we created a playlist of random songs of all these - more than 300 - artists and sent it back to them for rating, excluding the artists from their own countries. Therefore a Polish BuSH Selector would get a playlist without Brodka songs, and a Romanian BuSH Selector would get it without the anthems of Golan.


And they rated what they heard. By aspects like: do you like the sound? Would you book this band in your club or festival? Do you think it has potential abroad? Does it feel pro?

Finally we only had to collect these ratings of the second phase and process them mathematically. And, in the end, voilá, we’ll get the most suggested bands from the international BuSH Selector team.

Who are they? You only need to look up the Bands section ;)