The hedonists stronghold of Europe, where you can lose your mind without losing your money. The Hungarian capital is a city which demands your attention. It is separated by the Danube river that makes Buda and Pest feel like brothers from a different mother.

Hilly Buda – calm and serene, full of elegant architecture such as the Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion, looks down onto flat Pest, where culture and a thriving nightlife scene co-exist.


B for Bars

Budapest is famous for its ruin pubs.The relaxed spots are the main meeting points for locals and foreigners. These vacant houses turned bars are unique to the city.

The venues of BuSH will guide you through the best ruin bars Budapest can offer like Tesla, the event and cultural center in the famous Kazinczy street or Kuplung one of the most popular underground spots of Budapest.

U for Urban walks

Budapest is the place where you can hike up the hills to the Citadel, have a stroll in the Buda Castle, rent a bike on Margaret Island, or feed the baby animals in the Budapest Zoo. If you are not the active type, just mix and mingle with locals.

D for Delicious

Gaining weight in Budapest is fairly easy due to the wide selection of cafés, restaurants, markets and street food places. Don’t miss the one of a kind retro restaurant Kádár Canteen (Kádár Étkezde) where people are willing to queue for the typical Hungarian food served on red plaid cloth. If you want to eat local more comfortably try Kőleves or Getto Gulyás.

For typical Hungarian salami or fresh veggies visit the world famous Great Market Hall on weekdays, of the Szimpla Local Market every Sunday.

To see where to eat around you can check:

A for Affordable

Budapest is an affordable city compared to many of its European counterparts, as Hungary still uses Forints instead of Euros as its currency. Often mentioned in international media as a bargain destination, eating out in Budapest is reasonable and entrance fees are inexpensive. You can get into museums for 6-7 Euros have dinner almost everywhere under 15 Euros or have a beer for 1,5-2 Euros or a long drink for 4 Euros.

P for Places to shop

Either you want to find the well known department stores or buy expensive designer clothes you can ease your shopping fever in Budapest. Visit shops like H&M or Zara on Váci Street or empty your wallet at Louis Vuitton or Chanel on Andrássy Avenue. The most famous vintage stores are within reach Retrock, Ludovika  and Szputnyik are selling second-hand clothing and the Hungarian designer’s best pieces.

Shop for antiques every Saturday in the Gozsdu Courtyard’s pop-up bazaar.

E for Early morning

Budapest downtown offers remedies for hangover on almost every corner. Sip a cup of hot coffee or tea, at one of the speciality coffee shops like My Little Melbourne on Madach square, enjoy a healthy breakfast at Szimply, or choose a bottle of the cold pressed juice from the shops of Juicy.

S for Street Art

For years, the downtown area of the VII District was in a state of decay. But recently, the expanding cultural and party culture brought artists in the area. Urban art group Neopaint Works is a collective of street artists who have turned the area into an open-air art gallery.

T for Thermal Baths

Visiting a thermal bath in Budapest could also be a great way to cure hangover, or melt the heart of the chosen one in the warm water pools scalding from 21°C to 76°C. Soak in the Art Nouveau architectural gem, the Gellért Bath, play chess with local semi-pros in the outdoor thermal pools of Széchenyi Bath, or observe the view from the rooftop jacuzzi of the recently renovated Rudas Bath.