Be part of the YouTube generation

Be part of the YouTube generation

Having a YouTube channel with millions of views is not rare anymore. With the right techniques everyone can pimp up their channel to get viewers and earn money. Nowadays, learning a new kind of thinking is essential to become a YouTube sensation.The special workshop of BUSH customised for music industry members will help you get the most out of your YouTube channel. How to maximize the time people spend watching your video? How to get more subscribers? How to build a strategy for creating and sharing videos? How to manage product placement in your footages? These are the questions that our speakers will answer.

András Bodrogi Bozán, a YouTube expert and Regional Google Trainer at Google Ground Budapest


András is both working as a musician and as an expert in the fields of new media and content management. He was there from the beginning of the digital era and he experienced the changes of online and mobile music content management. He studied online communication PR and new media technologies in Sweden. In the last couple of years he has been working for Google Ground as a YouTube trainer. Shares his thoughts about the optimization of video sharing, copyright questions and income increasing trick.