See some BUSH bands throughout the year!

Now we can only talk about the first Budapest Showcase Hub in past tense and about the second in future tense, which we’ve already started to organize by the way. :) But what about the present?
We thought to keep the heat up with a series of events, so we can bring you the biggest talents from the B...

To pull each other ahead - the future of the Eastern Bloc

(The original article was written by Roland Balogh on could be achieved in just two days, than with twenty years of display diplomacy.
The first Central European music conference, the Budapest Showcase Hub was like this.
We asked seven bands, where the breakout points could be.

Budapest Showcase Pub

Get your pass for Budapest Showcase Hub and you will also get a chance to explore the city’s coolest bars with 10-20% off from every drink and food.
Taste the Hungarian pálinka, grab a pint of beer or try the typical Hungarian cuisine with a discount price at selected pubs all close to our venues.Th...

Be part of the YouTube generation

Having a YouTube channel with millions of views is not rare anymore.
With the right techniques everyone can pimp up their channel to get viewers and earn money.
Nowadays, learning a new kind of thinking is essential to become a YouTube sensation.The special workshop of BUSH customised for music indu...

On this festival you won’t have to run off your feet

(The original article was written by David Sajó, on
Interview with Renato Horvath and Laszlo Kelemen, the organizers of Budapest Showcase Hub.
This is the first showcase festival in Hungary which is focusing specifically on the area, namely the Eastern European artists: the Budapest Showc...

It’s nice to be fair: this is how we selected the bands that will play at BuSH

Because it wasn’t really us.But let’s begin at the beginning.
Back in spring we held some pretty heavy brainstorming medleys at our office spiced up with some good old insomnia to figure out how we should pick those few artists that will play at our showcase festival.
At first we had no clue how to...


The hedonists stronghold of Europe, where you can lose your mind without losing your money.
The Hungarian capital is a city which demands your attention.
It is separated by the Danube river that makes Buda and Pest feel like brothers from a different mother.Hilly Buda – calm and serene, full of eleg...

BUSH is here!

From November 2016 the world is going to look at the Eastern European music scene from a brand new perspective.
Between 16-19 November for the first time Budapest Showcase Hub offers the opportunity for music professionals, music fans, bands and audicrats to connect, immerse and discover the potenti...