Koala Voice (SI)

Koala Voice (SI)

Gozsdu Manó Klub (GMK)
These four kids from the industrial region of eastern Slovenia are not only crazy about Australian teddy bears, they show even bigger enthusiasm for music! A youthful, dynamic quartet that combines upbeat indie hits with a sense of garage pop, punk and a clean 70s vibe. Koala Voice is a band that playfully walks the line between unbridled underground passion and infectious, smart pop rock appeal. On the super catchy debut record “Kangaroo’s a Neighbour”, the group shows off their instrumental and songwriting talents with seemingly every song a hit song. Harboring a formidable, thrilling live energy, the band has played over 50 shows in 2015 alone, both in Slovenia and abroad, including gigs at several international festivals, and was recently hailed by the UK’s DIY mag as “one of the five best discoveries at Eurosonic 2016”! An opportunity to see Koala Voice live is not to be missed, while the upcoming sophomore album is already in the works, and eagerly anticipated.