Ghost of You (CZ)

Ghost of You (CZ)

Gozsdu Manó Klub (GMK)
An up-and-coming discovery of the Czech independent music scene, Ghost of You have already played over 200 concerts, of which the most prominent included a well-received show at the monstrous Sziget 2015. Their thrilling and energetic shows made waves on the largest festivals in the area - Grape festival (SK), Donauinselfest (AT) Colours of Ostrava (CZ), Rock for People (CZ), and Metronome festival (CZ). The music of Ghost of You is a compound of delicate emotions and a sheer force of their energy. These four lads of humble origins come armed with great ambition and a common dream to make it big. Their debut album Glacier And The City officially released under the Indies Scope label captures their distinctive combination of psychedelic-pop with charismatic vocals. Well-received and acclaimed by the reviews in the press, the album re-invigorated their ceaseless touring not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad (Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, the UK and more).