Fran Palermo (HU)

Fran Palermo (HU)

The music of Fran Palermo is like a kaleidoscopic mixture of colors: it constantly changes, re-forms itself, still, in all its elements, creates an exciting and spectacular unity. Their style, tagged as vagabond rock and roll, is inspired at once by indie, desert rock, folk and even Mediterranean moods, dominated mainly by guitars, drums, winds and keys. Their gigs are made up of a series of dancey, stomping, ecstatic moments, while throughout the years the band, although having graduated to bigger stages, have managed to retain their personal presence that characterized them in their earliest, busking years. The many-piece band was first discovered by the larger public at their Paris Passage gigs, often ending up as street concerts. It was in 2011 that they came out with their first studio effort, Arizona, which caught the attention of Zoltán “Jappán” Takács, who then produced their next two singles, Museum of Clouds (2012) and Natural Cash (2013). In 2013 the band went on a long holiday, as their vocalist and guitar player, Henri Gonzalez had moved to Britain, but even during these eighteen months, they had occasional gigs in Budapest clubs. Since 2014’s fall the band have again been working in Hungary, and besides the regular concerts they have released their third single, Sun in Splendour. The EP, characterized by a tropical-jungle rock mood, heralded the coming of Fran Palermo's debut album, which was realeased in May 2015 by MamaZone Records. The band had many festival gigs and full house concerts during the summmer and after a busy year, they released their second LP called Razzle Dazzle in May 2016.