Fiordmoss (CZ)

Fiordmoss (CZ)

Fiordmoss was founded after a fire burned down an apartment of Petra and Roman, which is mirrored by their obsession with stories of tragic beauty. Petra's vocal is joined by guitars and sounds of techno and grime, that the four-piece perform on a dark stage. Jan joined the band three years later for their tour to support the band's first EP ‘Gliese’ and after that he stayed in the band. As a trio, they released their second EP ‘Ink Bitten’ in 2012. Petra was then selected for Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid where she met Jon-Eirik Boska. They relocated to Berlin and Jon-Eirik joined the band as a drummer and producer. Fiordmoss, coming together from small towns of Moravia and Norway, are currently finishing their debut full-length album from which they released first two singles Madstone and Motherland in 2016.