Lazer Viking

Lazer Viking is a living manifest of boundless love for music genres of the last century as well as popular song form in general. Although both albums released during his short career, ‘Radical Karaoke'(2015) and ‘Flesh Cadillac'(2016), were nominated for album of the year awards, he manages to successfully remain in obscurity thanks to his brutally honest demeanor, mistaken by most for humor and hyperbole. Currently finishing his third record tentatively titled Cloud Nine, the first album to see him front a more traditional band, which is set for release through his newly found home on the Bigg Boss label later this year, Lazer Viking adds: “I realized that all my favorite records are really sad and heartbreaking, so I set out to write an album that would strive to find happiness and joy in the most overused topics of contemporary pop; alienation and loneliness.”

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