Junior A

Junior A is an alternative electronic pop music artist from Vilnius, Lithuania, who first made waves mid 2017, after the first single ?Sleep Machine? went viral. After initial success London based label ?Hard Up? (Smerz, Sassy 009, Jimothy Lacoste, Lean Chihiro, The Big Moon) released Junior A’s first EP, Born Busy.

Internet aesthetics, DIY vibe, catchy hooks and interesting back story (Tautvydas started producing his music after being in an accident in summer 2015 after which he spent some time in coma) made Junior A Lithuania?s very own internet sensation. In 2018 Tautvydas (junior a) was joined by Sindre Skeie, norwegian drummer. The duo immediately started touring, they play shows together ever since. Later this year Junior A is scheduled to release a final EP ?Spa day?.

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