November 17 • 00:20

Beissoul & Einius


First, there is a lead singer. The vocalist with an extraterrestrial voice: a sensual soul singer. Second, there is a sound producer, a computer and synth alchemist who juggles with programming and vocals. In their native Lithuanian, in English and even in Ukrainian language, they created the image of an adventure, hypnotic electronics, which sounds in a new 2017 album called #asecretcontract. Having a strong relationship with fashion, Beissoul & Einius issued Chamillion perfume and created their own collection of clothes made of glass, Sharp Sabotage. Presented at M.A.M.A. Awards and the Lithuanian Men’s Fashion Week, a unique Sharp Sabotage is also part of a solo show by B&E. Electrofashion duo, Beissoul & Einius, are the first performers in the world who created their own collection of clothes and perform their own music wearing it.
On stage, Beissoul captures you with his amazing charisma combined with dance moves,
surreal and bizarre images, while Einius, his head bent over his musical machine, knocks the
ground from under the feet by the sounds of the future. But the theater aspect of their
performance never eclipses the most essential things: the pleasant electro-pop flirting with
your emotions.

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